“A marvelous project manager…”
Larry deQuintal
Belden Communications, LLC

“Fern is one of the best proofreaders I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve used many).”
Paul Goldberg
PJ Promotions


With our wide network of freelance staff, Backburner Projects can handle most of the tasks that you need help with. Here’s a sampling of projects we’ve been hired to do:

follow-up marketing for small businesses
what’s on the backburner?: Like many people, John F. threw the thirty or so business cards he collected during a trade show into his desk drawer, with every intention of following up. Days passed, then months. After a year, he cleaned out the drawer and figured he’d start fresh at the next trade show.

what we did: John was referred to us. We put together a plan for following up on the leads — from adding them to his database to making follow-up calls. The follow-up resulted in two new clients. We can do the same for any leads you collect from trade shows, mailings, or ad placements.

project management
what’s on the backburner?: The president of a leading company in her industry, Mary L. felt she wanted to establish a presence as an expert in her field by speaking at industry events. The problem was that she never had time to find upcoming events and submit the proposal paperwork.

what we did: We found suitable conferences, put together a calendar, came up with topics and descriptions, created proposals, and established a relationship with the program chairs. Mary L. has already spoken at several events this year and is becoming a recognized authority in her field.

professional correspondence
what’s on the backburner?: Dylan C. is a therapist in New York City. Last year, she moved her office to a lovely large suite on the upper West Side — but she simply didn’t have the time (or the inclination) to send a formal announcement of her move to her clients (current and prospective).

what we did: We handled her address change with a mailing to all her clients, prospects, and vendors, and we placed a notice in several local journals. Dylan reported that her clients really appreciated the information. She also gained a new client and several new referrals as a result.

We also excel at creating all kinds of communications — to colleagues, vendors, employees, etc. (including handling complaints and requests) — and sending them in a professional and timely manner.

meeting planning
what’s on the backburner?: Bill D. was already working seventy hours a week when he was given the task of planning a last-minute sales meeting. He was going to drown in the details — finding a hotel, arranging travel, dealing with audiovisual setup, etc.

what we did: We took over the planning — giving Bill the time he needed to plan his agenda and presentation.

We have experience in handling corporate events ranging from small, one-day seminars to black-tie awards banquets and special presentations to week-long intensive educational programs. We have dealt with meeting facilities ranging from college campus halls to Holiday Inns and Four Seasons resorts.

what’s on the backburner?: Candice D. was the executive director of an association in the health care industry. While she was very comfortable planning the annual conference, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to handle a new directive from her board: “Get sponsorships to offset the costs of this event!”

what we did: We created sponsorship levels, found appropriate mailing lists, established relationships with potential sponsors, and took care of all the legwork to get the sponsorships in place. We generated $17,000 in sponsorships, thus enabling the association to pay for the keynote speaker they wanted, and exceed their expectations of their bottom-line surplus.

what’s on the backburner?: Copywriter Peter F. was getting ready to launch his Web site, but he had read his copy so many times that he felt like he wasn’t able to look at it with a fresh eye.

what we did: We corrected typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and made suggestions. The result? His copy was crisper, easier to read, and error-free. We polished his Web presence and gave it the professionalism it had lacked.

We are adept with various style manuals, including the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Stylebook, and can work within your guidelines.

what’s on the backburner?: Lisa B. was on a deadline to write a report on selling chocolate by mail order, but didn’t have the time to do all the necessary fact-finding.

what we did: Our team of Internet-search whizzes found relevant information on her topic and whittled it down to a manageable document. With the information she needed at her fingertips, Lisa was able to finish her report on time.

Whether you’re writing an article, putting together a PowerPoint presentation, or assisting on a special project, we can quickly search the Web (including article archives) to find the information you need. We’ve researched and found information for people on subjects as varied as export regulations for Australia; rules of keeping Kosher; the architecture of colonial America; track records of stocks and stock markets; and the average national costs for trade ads and direct-response catalogs.